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From: Bill Crass
Subject: The Family Farm: Part 1 James ArrivalThis story is in no way real. It's just a nice bit of fantasy remember
real life can hurt!!!I hope you like this and come back for more. Here it is:
The Family Farm: Part 1 James Arrival
After 30 years of being alone; there I was with three boys to finish
raising. 1959 was still a simple time, yet every day was the same as it
is today. I had a Black and White TV and Radio. I was sixty and fit
enough to teen models nn lolas
handle the boys if they got out of hand.I was sound asleep that first night the of younger boys arrival. I'd
heard some strange noises and went to check. I opened the door to the
room the two younger boys Jason 13 and Joel 11 were sharing. But it
seemed from the noise and sight they were sharing each other's dicks in
their mouths. I didn't say a word and just watched. My dick was
instantly hard as a board and standing at full mast begging to me to run
my hand up and down it. Both boys were buck naked and very much enjoying
themselves on each other meat. It was quite a sight as it ended to
quickly for my hungry eyes.James my nephew placed a hand on my left shoulder. I turned to see the
boy of 16 who looked like 20 and smiled as he mouthed the word "wow" to
me. We both eased our way out of the room as I closed the door. We
returned back to our room. There may have been 5 bedrooms, but James had
wanted to share a room with me. He had been like a 10 year old when he
first came to live with me 6 months ago. Only recently did he feel
comfortable with himself.Back in our room he looked at me and spoke. The boys put on a nice show
he told me. I grabbed him and hugged him tight.
"I love so much Uncle Jimmy." He had finally just decided
to call me uncle Jimmy even thou I was his grand uncle Jimmy. He only
slept in his briefs and looked the sandra model loli imageboard
part of a true man. I now called him
"My manly nephew" after all that had happened the last few weeks. I
treated him almost as an equal but I was still the one in charge of the
family now matter how old the boys would be.I remember the days just three weeks ago when I could see in James' eyes
how he had passed from 10 years old in his mind to the 16 I was pleased
to see emerge. He then started in on sexual stuff wanting to know what it
all was. I didn't hesitate in answering him about anything.
"Uncle Jimmy can you tell dark lolitas free photos me about sex. I've only heard
bits about it. I don't know anything really concerning it."
"Well let's start at the beginning." I began and spent two
day sharing with him all about boys and girls and babies and the whole
process of sexuality. It was summer and so we had the days to spend teen models nn lolas time
alone. He asked a lot of question along the way. On the third day it took
a new turn as he asked about man-to-man sex.
"Uncle can men have sex with each other like a man and
"Sure, it not the same as man don't have a hole like a
"So what do they do?"
"They can pleasure each other and pound each others'
butts."He looked lustful all at once and I wondered where he would go with his
questions. I never expected what came next. But I also saw in him a
change of understanding.
"Uncle can you show me and do to me man to man sex."
"I suppose, natural lolitas sexy preteens
but is that what you really want?"
"Yes, I've had feeling of wondering since I was 14 about
wanting to see others guys naked. I even saw in the dark two boys
pounding each other in the butt in the kid jail. It's only now that I
understand fully what they were doing."I was getting an erection as my nephew spoke. I was turned on and
confused by his words.
"Can we try it right now."We had been at the table eating breakfast.
"Do you mind if we finish breakfast and then clean up
"O course sir."He showed me the respect I expected but never had to ask for. I had made
it clear to him as I had Jason and Joel that all of the boys were wanted
and belonged here with family. This had changed them inside. Still they
tested that thinking to see if I would send them away for doing certain
things. I just told them if they were testing me to see it they were
staying here or treated them like everyone had they were wasting their
time.Back to the part of the third day with James, the boys would be there for
three weeks, yet I didn't know that at the time. I had no idea they were
coming.We finished breakfast and cleared the table and cleaned up the kitchen.
We then made our way up to my bedroom that he shared with me.
"O K take off all your clothes and get on the bed. I will do
the same."
He did as told and was now on the bed naked and sported a hard 7 and �
inch dick. Mine was growing to hardness now too and it baffled me. My
dick was only a bit bigger at 8 inches, but it was talking for me telling
me to proceed like it was 8 feet tall. Still I wondered about all the
feelings that I was having. I obeyed my dick despite my uncertainty.
"I'm not sure about man to man sex but I will show you what I know." I
told him.He lay on the bed wanting me to join him. I did my best, as I was 60 and
slightly fat. I was 6 foot 5 inches and 250 pounds. I was now mini girl biz lolita real fat,
but I wasn't thin by any means. James on the other hand was 6 foot 2
inches and I expected him to grow a bit more. He was only 150 pounds and
looked thin. I had mentioned to him he needed to eat more. But the doctor
had said, "He's within the normal range. A boy of 16 has a lot of
potential changes to his body still."So I didn't worry but he sure looked good with his dick hard as could
be. He had a look of dire on his face as he looked at me. I positioned
myself over him and tried not to squish him as I had 100 pounds more
weight than him.He grabbed my head and started kissing me. There was a passion in the boy
I hadn't seen before. He would express his deep love for me numerous
times this day. Neither of us was circumcised as it was just becoming
more common. Our dicks did rub together.
"Uncle you dick rubbing against mine feels so good."
I decided to sit on his legs still facing him resting my butt on his legs
and grabbed both our dicks and rubbed them more together. It gave us both
shivers as I held them as one and tried something that came into my mind.
I put his dick into my foreskin and grabbed his foreskin and made them
one. I then gently rock forward ever so slightly that was all it took for
James. He yelled his head off and his dick swilled even bigger than it
was and I could feel him coming inside of the foreskin till there was too
much and it was now on my hands. The feeling sent me over the edge too
and I add my seed to his. The bed was soaked with our cum and I quickly
rolled off of him and lay next to him.
"I want more Uncle." He panted at me.
"Just a minute boy. Remember I'm sixty and need a few
minutes to recover. I must say I haven't felt this good during sex since
ever. I mean my wife was great but she never show the passion you have
boy."He smiled at my words and rubbed my balls with his hand as he lean into
me and kissed me deep. He eyes said so much.
"I love you more than I have loved anyone or anything Uncle
"I know boy. I feel the same for you."
His attack on my balls lasted for about 10 minutes while he kissed me
deeply now. He then got on top of me and ground his dick into mine. We
both dark lolitas free photos
moaned at his activity as he held himself in place and did what he
seemed to know by instinct. I was close again to coming and so was he. I
could tell by his breathing.
"Boy hold for a second. Don't you want to do more?"
"Like what," He panted.I gently pushed him off of me and began an oral assault on his perfect
boy body. He had brown blond hair on his head and brown hair on his pubic
area. The was a slight trace of hair leading from his pubic area to his
chest but it faded to almost nothing on his chest. I knew he'd get more
like I had. I had a small patch of hair on my chest and nipples. Of
course there was a medium amount in both of our armpits. I decided to try
there first.I lapped at his left armpit and he started to moan and grabbed my head
and soon was calling out just my name.
"O Jimmy that feels so good."
I looked at his face. "You like that, glad I decide to try this?"
"Yes..." He breathed deeply.I continued my attack on his left armpit area. He then looked at me
strange when I stopped. But putas lolitas enfermeras penetradas then smiled as he saw me go towards he other
armpit. It was just as happy to receive my attention. I then found his
nipples and made them bigger and harder than ever. He looked at me after
I did that.
"I'm on fire." He said. I worked my way down to his dick
and only lapped it a few times. Then I proceeding to dark lolitas free photos his balls pulling up
his legs to get better access and then out of the blue I decided to lick
his butt hole. He went wild again just like his armpits.
"That feels so great. I can't believe you can make me feel
so good Jimmy. I love you. I want to give to you the same feelings."He was true to his words and did it all to me. Then he sat on my legs and
rested his butt on them and took our dick and placed them together with
the foreskins cover each other. It didn't take more than a little
rocking by James and I came followed by him. He put a hand to his mouth
and tasted both our sperm.
"We taste good uncle."The moment of sexual contact ended as he got up and said he wanted to
take a shower and then he wanted to know if we could go fishing. I told
him fine and just laid on the bed. What was going on? My boy nephew was
still a bit a boy. He was so much like me as I liked how he thought and
knew fishing was a perfect way to take a break from sex till tonight.
Bill Crass billcrassyahoo.comMy friends who think I only think about sex gave the nickname of crass to
me. I am to direct for most people about how I like sex and to perform
it. I am guilty as charged O well!
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